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Toon Hermans House Maastricht

Walk Together Better!

On December 22, 2012, we participated in the support action for the Yellow Club and sponsored walking tour Better Together! organized by KPE.

In total there were 49 walkers who make the trek from Banneux to Maastricht, or part thereof, have passed.
In addition, a bike team ride the same trek and vice versa back to Maastricht​​. In total, with the bike team, we have traveled 2055 kilometers. For a look back on this day go to:

Despite the bad weather we look back on a successful day. With the yield, the Yellow Club, the Kids / Youth Club of the Toon Hermans House, can at least for a year, guide and support the childeren, see http://youtu.be/GHQfjC5gefw.

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