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“Man en Woman"
Aerated Concrete Sculpture by Theo van den Bulk



{Better Together}

Getting better together. Together with our customers, our partners and our environment.

Our products fit perfectly into the architecture of the future.
Rising energy prices and agreements, worldwide, on the reduction of CO2 emissions, the traditional building construction will change. The client / the final user / operator will not only want to build affordable, but he will also increasingly demands for the use of energy efficient and sustainable solutions. On one hand the environment and on the other hand for his wallet. Environmentally friendly solutions are generally only used when they are effective and affordable. Nowadays, taking the right measures will bring in money.

LEMGA Aerated for fast, smart, sustainable and energy efficient (re)building!
In the design phase of building with Aerated Concrete you have endless possibilities and a great freedom of design.
During the construction phase, material and labor cost savings achievable up to 30%.
Besides the design freedom and lower construction costs, operating costs of the building are very important. These costs are underestimated and even often forgotten.

Of the total cost (100%) of a traditional building in the year 2002, the construction cost is estimated at less than 25% and operating costs by 75%! It is very clear were you can save the most. In other words, choose a smart design. Build sustainable and with high quality, extend the life time of your building. Invest in energy-saving measures such as heat (back) win techniques, solar energy, higher insulation values, etc. This will decrease your operating costs.

Why wait for the future, when you can go to work today?
See the many benefits of LEMGA Aerated.

We are often involved, in an early stage, in (re) building plans. On the building site or on the basis of a construction drawing, all the possibilities will be discussed. With passion, we advise our clients how the (re) building plans can be realized. Including through the ever higher and higher insulation values and more attention to reducing failure costs are particularly detailing increasingly important.

We are taking it for granted to produce environmentally friendly. On our site you will find examples of this in various places. Also in comparison with the production of other construction materials has Aerated Concrete a lot of advantages.
Would you like more information? View our Ecobalance.

We sponsor modestly regional associations, projects and agencies.