LEMGA Benelux






{LEMGA - Lemker Aerated Concrete}

The idea for producing Aerated Concrete came from practice. After Gottfried and Horst, sons of founder Gustav Schlamann, had been successful on the market from 1960, the market increasingly started asking for the "white, light stones".

In 1972 it was time. The first factory was built on the site of the existing calcium silicate plant in Lemke. Quickly a brand name was found: LEMGA. Horst Schlamann recalls: "We were then, as now, a real family business. It was obvious to use the location name Lemke and the name of the product Gasbeton (at that time the name of the product), to be reflected in the brand name. So LEMGA was born."

In the early seventies the brothers Schlamann had further plans to expand. The former location was not the right place for it. So they had to move to another location. The new building, at the current location began in 1975. In 1976 the new factories were ready.