LEMGA Benelux





Today and tomorrow

{Traditional and modern}

The decision for the new Aerated Concrete factory proved to be correct. Improved quality and optimal logistics sales increased to about 150 cubic meters per day. It included the usual assortment of sizes: 50 cm length/25 cm high in the usual thickness of 5 cm to 36.5 cm.

As a result of further increases in sales and the higher quality demands of the customers, they decided in 1982 to invest in the construction of a new production building and a more powerful production system. The production was increased by approximately 250 m³ to 300 m³ per day. The desire of the market demanded more investment in a more innovative, technically advanced production. This was launched in 1998. The brothers Schlamann built in 1998 a third hall and they invested in a new and highly efficient production system that achieved optimal production of the highest quality standards. A production volume of up to 700 cubic meters per day has now been reached. The old production machinery in the two existing buildings were dismantled, these halls were integrated into the new production.

Within the family a generational change is about to come. Horst and Gottfried Schlamann have handed the lead over to their sons Carsten and Christian Schlamann. They run, as the third generation, the company as an independent family business.

Carsten and Christian Schlamann: "We are proud that we, as a medium sized family business, can provide our customers with excellent quality, operational know-how, reliable delivery and comprehensive service. Our production systems and are always updated on the latest technology. In the future we will optimize with environmentally friendly technologies that always ensure the best quality for customer satisfaction. With us the, Ecology, Economics and Service is in harmony."

In 2008, Roger Thomassen founded LEMGA Benelux. This company was a step in a new market: the Benelux countries: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Roger Thomassen: "Our thinking and working runs seamlessly with that of family Schlamann. We would also like to be a partner for our customers and with family Schlamann we share the passion and enthusiasm that the unprecedented possibilities of (re)building with LEMGA Aerated Concrete provides."