LEMGA Benelux





Aerated Concrete

{The universal building material}

LEMGA Aerated Concrete is cost effective, not only in the design and construction output, but also for the user of the property. LEMGA Aerated Concrete is energy saving, safe and durable. The optimal and unique properties and universal coverage make it possible that LEMGA Aerated Concrete can be used for the construction and reconstruction of houses, apartments, commercial buildings, etc. The efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly production ensures a consistent high quality and precise dimensions.

Comfortable and healthy living and working in the summer and winter, a good sound reduction and the highest level of fire safety make LEMGA Aerated Concrete an all-round building material. Our Aerated Concrete is known for its excellent thermal insulation, it means constant low energy use for heating but also cooling demands of buildings. LEMGA Aerated Concrete in all respects for sustainable and ecological building and living.