LEMGA Benelux






{Baking cake, with a difference}

Production of Aerated LEMGA is environmentally friendly and energy saving. To the quartz sand is added only ground lime, water, cement, and a minor amount of aluminum powder as a rising agent. In a mold, the mixture rises as a result of air bubble formation (formation of pores). This process is similar to the rising of a yeast dough. The volume increases compared to the initial mass five times. That means that one cubic meter of the starting material gives five cubic meters LEMGA Aerated Concrete. The porous solid mixture is cut to the desired dimensions, and provided with the desired profiles. By hardening in the energy-saving autoclaves at temperatures of only about 190 °C and about 12 bar steam pressure you have LEMGA Aerated Concrete after about 6 to 12 hours - depending on the class of strength - with the final properties and may then be processed.

The sand is eco-friendly extracted from quarries in the local environment of the plant, the transport routes are thus reduced to a minimum, which is better for the environment. Former sand quarries are fully recultivated to valuable biotopes. The lime comes only from natural deposits.