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We offer a complete range of high quality LEMGA Aerated Concrete products and related value added service. This includes customer oriented advice on all products, either by telephone, email or personal interviews. For the logistic service we work with our own in-house transport company and being fixed with external carriers. The sophisticated logistics service ensures reliable and timely delivery of our products in your warehouse or job site. This enables us your logistic needs and interests with devotion care. For detailed information about our products, please refer to the Download section of our website. Here you can find data sheets of the products LEMGA Aerated Concrete. The contact details of our staff can be found under Contact. We look forward to your call or e-mail.

LEMGA Aerated Concrete blocks
Because of their low density the large stone sizes are suitable for manual glue work. This way, one can build walls manually ergonomically rational and efficient. The Aerated Concrete blocks are available in standard thicknesses. With a simple band saw or a handsaw one can saw the blocks quickly and without much effort if necessary. Trenches for pipes are easily made with a hand trench tool. In the thinner wall thicknesses LEMGA Aerated Concrete blocks can be used for solid, massive lightweight (separation) walls (non-constructive/constructive). Due to the specific qualities such as high dimensional stability, good insulating properties and the fact that Aerated Concrete is not combustible, the blocks are not only used in new constructions, but also in renovation of older buildings. With the thicker wall thicknesses (constructive) walls and outer walls executed. For the architect means to apply LEMGA Aerated Concrete free designs. There are easy savings realized because of the rapid labor-friendly processing and high strength with excellent heat insulating and accumulating capital. Thermal bridges by applying LEMGA Aerated Concrete can easily be avoided.

Various Aerated Concrete products and related items
U scales, U fill lintels, unarmed and armed lintels, mortar, reinforced materials, sawn material, round blocks, strips, kimblocks, thermal bridge strips, customization, mineral insulation, auxiliary materials, tools, etc. compliment the range.