LEMGA Benelux






{Tradition, quality, environment}

LEMGA Benelux B.V. is an organization with a passion for Aerated Concrete. We have a horizontal organization. This allows us to give you fast, flexible and pragmatic response to your questions, new developments and situations. The key concepts are: the large variety possibilities of (re)building with Aerated Concrete, enthusiasm and passion, customer focus and being a partner. LEMGA Benelux B.V. provides a complete package of Aerated Concrete products and all related items for residential building (new and rebuilding), renovation and commercial building.

In 2008, the first contact with the family Schlamann of the LEMGA Aerated Concrete Factory GmbH
(www.schlamann-kg.de) developed. There was soon a good and trusting relationship between the two. From here a partnership was formed, from which LEMGA Benelux B.V. became the exclusive distributor for the Benelux countries.

The company culture is in the Schlamann Family blood. Founder Gustav Schlamann already showed an open mind, perseverance and a lot of ingenuity, and build a successful calcium silicate block factory from nothing. His sons, Gottfried and Horst Schlamann succeeded him with the same enthusiasm. The calcium silicate production was expanded and in 1972 the current Aerated Concrete factory started. Traditionally, customer, being a partner and product quality are key elements. These core values are still used today by the third generation - Carsten Schlamann and Christian - where innovation and tradition go hand in hand. The intensive use of innovative technology, such as perfect logistic solutions, offer our customers new prospects for economically viable buildings from LEMGA Aerated Concrete with the highest quality standards.

Produced by energy from sun and wind
With a own home certification, our environmental awareness and thinking is marked in our company by the Sun and Wind logo. For many years we follow this way of thinking and acting, which is now known as Corporate Social Responsibility. Already in 1995, the first private wind turbines were put in operation and in 2010 solar panels were placed. Today, about 2/3 of the total energy consumption of the entire group is covered by clean and green energy from sun and wind power.